Dental Implants: The Absolute Best Support for Your Dentures

Older woman smilingDentistry has improved dramatically in the last few decades, and dental implants represent a milestone in recent dental innovations. These small titanium posts are implanted in the jawbone to serve as prosthetic tooth roots, providing the absolute best support for dentures and bridges, as well as crowns used to replace a single missing tooth. With implants, patients do not have to worry about their dentures slipping out of place when they speak or chew. Dental implants are also incredibly durable. With proper care, dental implants offer a lifetime of support.

Dr. Whiteman can place dental implants at his Brookline practice to help restore the function and beauty of your smile. His patients enjoy the benefits of a highly-skilled surgeon with a gentle touch and conservative approach to oral surgery. To find out more about dental implants and why choosing an implant dentist with the expertise of Dr. Whiteman is important, contact us today.

The Implant Procedure

Your first step in having implants placed will include a thorough one-on-one consultation and x-rays to determine your unique health and aesthetic needs. Dr. Whiteman offers traditional dental implants as well as mini dental implants. Traditional implants require two surgeries with several months of healing time in between. Mini implants can often be placed and restored in a single day. Determining which is right for you can depend on how long you have waited to address missing teeth. In the absence of tooth roots, the jaw will begin to atrophy, or shrink. If you have adequate bone mass, traditional implants may be the best solution. If you have compromised bone mass, mini implants may be recommended. However, if you have lost significant bone mass, a bone graft procedure may be necessary to prepare you jaw to accommodate implants. Meanwhile, if x-rays reveal that your sinus cavities may be disrupted by placing implants in your upper jaw, a sinus lift procedure involving the augmentation of the upper jaw may be necessary to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

Types of Implants

Dr. Whiteman offers traditional implants as well as mini implants. They can be used to support a single crown, a dental bridge (partial denture), or a full denture. He also offers All-on-4® implants, which are specially configured mini implants that can support an entire arch of missing teeth with only four implants. With our advanced technology, we can also provide the Teeth in a Day service to qualifying patients.

In certain cases, Dr. Whiteman can provide restorations for your implants in a single day using our in-office CEREC® technology, a digitized CAD/CAM tool that can create beautiful custom crowns in a single visit.

Dental Implant Benefits and Candidacy

Dental implants have a number of benefits that make them the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. Advantages of dental implants include:

  • A lifelike appearance
  • No embarrassing denture slippage
  • Comfortable speaking and eating
  • Lifelong durability
  • Prevention of jawbone atrophy

If you are non-smoker who is missing teeth, you are probably an excellent candidate for dental implants.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are missing teeth, it’s time to end your discomfort by exploring dental implants. Contact Dr. Whiteman today to find out more about dental implant costbenefits, and your candidacy for the restorative treatment option.

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