Factors that Can Affect the Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction

The cost of full mouth reconstruction at Whiteman Dental Associates varies from patient to patient. Essentially, your total will depend on the procedures that you choose to include in your reconstruction. Your choice of anesthesia and restorative materials will also affect your total. At our Brookline, MA, practice, Dr. Daniel M. Whiteman can provide a general estimate before beginning your treatment. He strives to keep prices low while still providing the highest quality care available. With his clinical skill and our onsite lab, he can ensure your safety, comfort, and beautiful final results. While a full mouth reconstruction can be expensive, you should consider it a priceless investment in your smile and long-term oral health.

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Your Personal Treatment Plan

Full mouth reconstruction includes several different restorative procedures. The number and type that you include will be the primary consideration when we estimate your final costs. For example, dental implants are a more extensive treatment and therefore have a higher price than a simple filling. Though optional, you may choose to include certain cosmetic procedures in your full mouth reconstruction. Treatments such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers will further affect your total.

You should consider the quality of the materials when you make your choice, since it could be better to pay more for higher quality materials than pay more down the line to replace restorations made from lower quality substances.

During some restorative procedures, such as implant surgery, you may require sedation. You could also benefit from these medications if you suffer from dental anxiety. Different methods of sedation have varying price points. For instance, simple local anesthesia will cost less than deeper sedation.

The final factors that will influence your cost is the size of your restorations as well as the material they are made of. Large dentures, for example, will cost more than a single crown. Furthermore, an advanced material, such as zirconia, will usually have a higher price than standard porcelain. However, you should consider the quality of the materials when you make your choice, since it could be better to pay more for higher quality materials than pay more down the line to replace restorations made from lower quality substances. We create all restorations in our onsite lab, which can help keep costs low and eliminate shipping charges. 

Why Invest in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When you are budgeting for your dental care, you should remember that full mouth reconstruction is an investment. It can have far-reaching effects on many areas of your life, and over time, it could actually save you money.

  • Full mouth reconstruction will restore your healthy oral function, allowing you to enjoy a diverse and healthier diet.
  • The comprehensive treatment will improve your appearance, speech, and self-confidence.
  • In addition to repairing and replacing your teeth, Dr. Whiteman can address current decay and gum disease. Thus, he can help to prevent further damage.
  • If you include dental implants in your full mouth reconstruction, the restorations can prevent jawbone degeneration, further tooth loss, and a dramatically altered appearance. It can also lessen the need for future restorative care.

Choosing the Right Dentist for the Job

One of the most important things you can do when preparing for full mouth reconstruction is to select an experienced restorative dentist.  A qualified practitioner may charge a little more than his or her colleagues. Nevertheless, the slightly higher costs are well worth it when you consider how much the treatment will impact your overall health. In fact, in some cases, a novice doctor could perform unsafe treatment or cause you significant discomfort. In contrast, Dr. Whiteman has years of experience, and he is constantly seeking to expand his education. He is licensed to practice dentistry in three countries, and he is familiar with the latest tools in the industry. At the same time, he works hard to keep care affordable, and he can customize your treatment to meet your budget. 

Learn More about the Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction may be more affordable than you think. Contact Whiteman Dental Associates online for your treatment estimate or call (617) 731-4746 today.

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