Teeth in a Day: A Fully Restored Smile in Just One Office Visit

Are you missing most or all of your teeth? Has an uncomfortable denture with a loose fit caused you irritation, difficulty eating and speaking, and feelings of self-consciousness? If so, Dr. Daniel M. Whiteman in Brookline, MA, can help you achieve a fully restored smile in the span of a single appointment. Teeth in a Day is a special treatment designed to replace lost tooth roots with mini dental implants. Once in place, these implants can immediately support a full or partial denture. This advanced treatment has helped many patients to experience a rehabilitated smile without having to undergo multiple surgeries or make do with a temporary restoration during a lengthy healing period. During a consultation, Dr. Whiteman can conduct a detailed analysis of your oral health to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Comparison of traditional implant and abutment with a mini dental implant

Expedited Relief

The primary difference between Teeth in a Day and the traditional approach is the considerably shorter timeline made possible through the use of mini dental implants. These implants are about half the diameter of a traditional implant. These devices provide three important advantages that make them an attractive choice for many patients:

  • Mini implants can eliminate the need for a bone graft. The bone tissue of the jaw will begin to shrink, or atrophy, after teeth have been lost. This is because the act of chewing provides stimulation that prompts the body to retain bone tissue in the jaw. Without tooth roots to transmit this stimulation, the body will eventually resorb the bone tissue and distribute it elsewhere within the body. Traditional dental implants require uncompromised bone tissue. However, if you have experienced a mild degree of atrophy but do not wish to undergo, you may still be able to receive mini implants.
  • Mini implants require less extensive surgery. Instead of requiring preparatory incisions in the gums and jawbone, mini implants are inserted through the gum tissue and directly into the jaw. 
  • Mini implants can instantly support a denture or partial denture. Traditional dental implants must fully integrate with the bone tissue of the jaw before they can support a permanent restoration. Mini implants, on the other hand, can support a permanent restoration immediately following placement.

If you have suffered a mild degree of bone recession and require a full or partial denture, Teeth in a Day may be a fast and conservative option for you.


All treatments involving dental implants share some commonalities in terms of candidacy requirements. If you do not smoke, are free of oral health issues such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, are not diabetic, and are not suffering from an autoimmune disorder, you are likely a candidate for implants. If you have suffered a mild degree of bone recession and require a full or partial denture, Teeth in a Day may be a fast and conservative option for you. 


Once your surgery has been carefully planned using digital x-rays and other advanced tools, Teeth in a Day can allow you to achieve a fully restored smile in one procedure rather than having to undergo multiple surgeries over the span of several months. As with other types of implant treatments, Teeth in a Day will prevent further jawbone recession and help to ensure that your dentures retain a comfortable fit. All restorations Dr. Whiteman provides are custom-crafted in his sophisticated on-site laboratory.

Relief Is within Your Reach

If a severely compromised smile is taking a toll on your health and happiness, relief may be more readily available than you think. Call (617) 731-4746 or contact us online today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Whiteman's compassionate and meticulous care can restore the healthy and functional smile you deserve.

Dr. Whiteman

Whiteman Dental Associates Daniel M. Whiteman, DMD

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