Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Daniel M. Whiteman in Brookline, MA, offers mini dental implants, which can provide unique advantages for the right candidates. Mini implants are about half the diameter of traditional implants. They require less bone tissue for support, which can make them an excellent solution for those who have experienced a small degree of jawbone atrophy, but do not wish to undergo bone grafting. Meanwhile, mini implants can usually accommodate restorations such as dentures and crowns immediately following placement surgery.

mini dental implants
Mini dental implants are about half the diameter of their traditional counterparts.

Are You a Candidate for Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants and traditional implants share many of the same fundamental candidacy requirements. Non-smokers in good oral health who do not suffer from diabetes or autoimmune disorders typically make the best candidates for either variety. However, traditional implants require uncompromised bone tissue in the jaw. Patients who have waited for a long period to address lost teeth have likely experienced some degree of bone atrophy, and must either undergo a preliminary bone grafting procedure or explore other restorative options. For many patients, mini implants offer a way to forego a bone grafting procedure and receive prompt restoration. However, it is important to understand that if patients have experienced advanced bone atrophy, they may still require a bone graft before they can safely receive implants of any kind.

If you have been suffering with an incomplete smile, mini implants could provide an expedited path to relief, comfort, and confidence. 

Placing Mini Dental Implants

While both traditional implants and mini implants require extensive planning, the timeline involved in restoring a patient's smile with mini implants is considerably shorter. This is because traditional implants require a healing period of four to six months after surgery before they can support a permanent restoration. Mini implants, on the other hand, can usually support a restoration immediately following placement. 

The surgery involved in placing mini implants is also less extensive. Traditional implants require incising the gums and creating a pilot hole within the bone to accommodate the device. In contrast, mini implants are inserted through the gum tissue directly into the bone. Like traditional implants, mini implants will become fused to the bone tissue over the course of the next several months, and you may be advised to take certain precautions during this period to ensure that your implants integrate properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Many patients suffering with a compromised smile are turning to mini implants because they do not wish to undergo a bone graft to replace lost tissue, or do not want to have to use a temporary restoration for several months while the jaw heals. In sum, this option allows many patients to begin experiencing the benefits of a fully restored smile much faster than otherwise possible. However, traditional implants are more durable, and could last longer than mini implants. During a consultation, Dr. Whiteman will discuss both options in great detail to help you choose the best approach to restoring your smile.

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If you have been suffering with an incomplete smile, mini implants could provide an expedited path to relief, comfort, and confidence. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Whiteman, please call (617) 731-4746 or send us a message online.

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