Treat Root Canal Pain with Minimal Discomfort Therapy

A woman with her hand to her lower cheek, as though she is suffering from root canal painRoot canal therapy is a highly effective treatment that can eliminate severe dental infection. Although root canal therapy has an intimidating reputation, most patients do not experience pain during the procedure. When performing root canal therapy, Dr. Daniel Whiteman uses gentle techniques and sedation to minimize discomfort. In fact, for most patients, the most noticeable effect of root canal therapy is relief from their toothache. To learn more about root canal pain and treatment at our Brookline practice, contact Whiteman Dental Associates today.

Signs that You May Need Root Canal Therapy

A toothache is one of the most noticeable signs of a root canal infection. The discomfort can vary in severity. It may be a consistent aching pain, or you may experience sharp “zings” through your tooth and jaw. In some cases, patients suffer from a throbbing sensation. Often, the pain will get worse when you are chewing, or it will intensify in response to heat or cold. You may also experience pain in your gums, and develop gum abscesses, small pus-filled sacs near your dental roots. Other signs that you may need root canal therapy include:

  • Bad breath
  • Darkening of your tooth from the inside
  • A black spot on a dental x-ray
  • Exposed dental nerve

The Truth about Root Canal Pain

Many patients mistakenly believe that root canal therapy is painful.The procedure may have involved significant discomfort in the past. However, thanks to modern technology, root canal therapy is now gentler than ever. Dr. Whiteman will numb your tooth and gums prior to treatment. If you do not respond to traditional anesthetic, Dr. Whiteman offers several specialized forms of anesthesia that may be more effective for you. These methods include:

  • Periodontal Ligament Injection (PLI): Dr. Whiteman will deliver this anesthesia where your tooth and gums connect. PLI is highly effective and localized.
  • Intraosseous anesthetic: Dr. Whiteman will deliver this medication directly into your jaw.

Along with anesthesia, Dr. Whiteman uses gentle and accurate methods. He has taken multiple continuing education classes in root canal therapy, and is experienced in the latest and most effective techniques. Our entire team will make every effort to keep your treatment comfortable and relaxing. Many patients listen to music during treatment to calm their nerves.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

The most noticeable benefit of root canal therapy is that it can relieve you of the pain of a toothache. You may experience some minor post-treatment sensitivity. However, for the most part, you will typically enjoy immediate relief from discomfort. Root canal therapy will also protect your dental health. Dr. Whiteman will remove bacteria from your tooth and root canals, which will keep infection from spreading into the surrounding tissues. The procedure can also save the remaining portion of your tooth. Without treatment, you would typically require extraction and restorative care.

Find Relief from Your Toothache Today

Thanks to Dr. Whiteman’s gentle techniques and sedation, there is no reason to worry about your root canal therapy. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and enjoy relief from your toothache.

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