A Comfortable Root Canal Therapy Experience

Young woman touching jaw with her fingersAn infected tooth can cause enormous discomfort, and if left untreated, the infection can destroy your tooth and undermine your oral and overall health. Fortunately, a root canal at Dr. Whiteman’s Brookline office is a virtually painless procedure that can eliminate advanced decay. With more than 20 years’ experience in restoring teeth through root canal therapy, including treating complicated cases, Dr. Whiteman can ensure your complete comfort during this procedure, and provide results that can restore the health of your smile. To learn more about how his expertise can help you, please contact us today and schedule your appointment.

The Root Canal Process

Before performing a root canal, Dr. Whiteman will first carefully numb your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. Next, Dr. Whitement will create an opening in the tooth surface to access the pulp chamber, or inside of the tooth, which contains nerve endings and blood vessels. Through this access point, he will then remove all contents of the tooth and the root canals (the inner portions of the tooth roots). Dr. Whiteman will next use innovative Waterlase® technology to sterilize the inside of the tooth. Next, Dr. Whiteman will fill the empty pulp chamber with an inert rubber-like substance, and seal the tooth closed. Finally, the remaining healthy outer portions of the tooth will be reshaped to accommodate a custom dental crown.

Beautiful Crowns Customized for You

In addition to supremely comfortable root canal therapy, Dr. Whiteman offers restorations of unsurpassed craftsmanship. Dr. Whiteman's dental crowns are made using his on-site CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) imaging systems. This system creates a digital image of your tooth that guides a special milling unit. Your customized crowns are then crafted with this high-tech machine, usually the same day.  In a single visit, Dr. Whiteman's patients can undergo a root canal, and then leave our office with a completely restored smile. Same-day crowns are not the best solution in every case, however, we always strive to provide restorations as soon as possible for each patient.

Sedation Options To Meet Your Needs

When you undergo a root canal, you will be given anesthetic to ensure your comfort. In addition to providing local anesthetic to eliminate pain, Dr. Whiteman offers other options to make your treatment optimally comfortable. Periodontal Ligament Injection (PLI) involves administering anesthetic directly to the point at which the tooth and gum come together. It is a great option if you are unresponsive to traditional anesthetic, or you do not want your whole mouth to be numb. Dr. Whiteman also offers intraosseous anesthetic, which is delivered directly into your jaw.

Thanks to these effective sedation methods and Dr. Whiteman's outstanding technique, our patients typically find their root canal therapy experience is quite comfortable. He can also develop a personalized plan to help you manage pain following your root canal.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

When you receive a root canal from Dr. Whiteman, you can comfortably salvage the healthy portions of your tooth and prevent the spread of infection. Contact us today to learn more.

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