Can My Dental Veneers Be Whitened? By Daniel Whiteman D.M.D. on March 03, 2023

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When we use veneers to mask dental flaws and imperfections, we let patients know that their veneers shouldn’t get stained. The materials are resistant to discoloration, but over time, patients may notice changes in the appearance of their veneers. This leads some to ask if they can use teeth whitening kits on their discolored veneers.

The answer is no.

The team at our Brookline, MA, dental practice discusses why veneers cannot be whitened. We also explore what may be causing your veneers to look stained.

Veneers Are Stain-Resistant and They Cannot Be Whitened

Your dental veneers are more stain-resistant than the natural teeth. However, the materials used to make veneers can't be whitened. If you do develop stains on or around your veneers, it may be time for replacement.

However, many patients do combine veneers with professional teeth whitening treatment. With this approach, we whiten the teeth before the veneers are placed and then match the color of the veneers to your whitened teeth to achieve the brightest smile possible. The veneers themselves are never whitened.

What Can Cause My Veneers to Become Discolored?

Great question. Typically at our Brookline practice, these are the main reasons patients notice discolored veneers:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene - A lack of brushing and flossing can change the color of your veneers. If you aren’t practicing good oral hygiene and you are not visiting the dentist regularly, you may notice discoloration around or on your veneers.
  • Darkening Cement - The cement that bonded the veneer to your teeth can darken with time; this can become visible if the gums recede.
  • Trauma to the Underlying Tooth - When a tooth is damaged, it could change the color of the tooth from within. Typically the discoloration ranges from yellow to grey. Since veneers are semi-translucent, the discoloration can show through.
  • Smoking/Tobacco Products - Smoking and chewing tobacco can affect the overall appearance of your natural tooth structure and veneers. If you’re still smoking after getting veneers, there’s a risk of tooth discoloration.
  • Use of Medications - Certain medications could alter the color of your teeth over time, which could be visible through your veneers.
  • The Natural Aging Process - As we get older, the teeth tend to change color after years of wear and tear. Again, that underlying discoloration may be visible through your veneers.

What Should I Do If My Veneers Appear Discolored?

If your veneers appear discolored, it’s important to visit the dentist and find out what happened. During an exam, our team can assess the situation and determine the exact cause or causes of these aesthetic flaws.

In most cases, the ideal treatment in these situations is to replace the old veneer. We may also recommend using a crown to cap the tooth in certain circumstances.

Does Getting New Veneers Hurt?

No. The process of getting a new veneer is comparable to the initial placement of the original veneer.

We take great care in minimizing pain and maximizing comfort during every dental procedure. Any discomfort you experience should be minor and temporary.

Interested in New Veneers? Contact Our Practice

Don’t let stains or discoloration get you down about your smile. To learn more about replacing veneers and improving the appearance of your smile, contact our dental office in Brookline. We look forward to hearing from you.

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