Tips & Advice for Dental Implant Aftercare By Daniel Whiteman D.M.D. on May 18, 2021

patient smiling and relaxing after dental implantsDental implants offer numerous benefits and are a state-of-the-art solution for replacing missing teeth. However, proper dental implant aftercare is essential to ensuring long-lasting results.

In general, patients require four to six months to fully heal from dental implant surgery. During this time, dental implant patients at Whiteman Dental Associates serving Boston and Brookline, MA, will need to follow all of the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Daniel Whiteman to ensure the best possible results. During your consultation, Dr. Whiteman will explain what to expect after dental implant surgery and how to properly care for your implants. 

Immediately after Implant Surgery

Take Your Medications

Dr. Whiteman will prescribe medications to decrease your risk of infection, reduce pain, and ease inflammation. Fill out these prescriptions immediately after dental implant surgery. Take your medications as prescribed and do not stop taking your meds just because you feel better. You should also refrain from drinking, as drinking can reduce the effects of your medication and make you feel worse. 

Don’t Smoke

If you smoke, plan to quit before and after your implant surgery. Smoking can increase the risk of complications and affect the success of your implant surgery. 

Relieve Discomfort

Before implant surgery, Dr. Whiteman will apply local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. He also offers sedation dentistry. You should take pain medication to curb discomfort before the anesthesia begins to wear off. Dr. Whiteman will prescribe pain relievers for severe pain. Please take prescription painkillers as directed by Dr. Whiteman.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling is typical after most oral surgeries. Use an ice pack to help reduce swelling. During the first 48 hours after surgery, apply the ice pack directly to the cheek as much as possible to control swelling. You can place a towel between the ice pack and your cheek if the pack is too cold and uncomfortable.

Alleviate Bleeding

In the first 24 hours after your surgery, light bleeding is normal. You may be instructed to bite down on a gauze pad directly placed on the incision site. If bleeding continues after a few hours, repeat the process with a fresh gauze pad and please call Dr. Whiteman’s office for additional guidance.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Consuming a nutritious diet and an adequate amount of liquids can help speed up the healing process. Avoid crunchy, hot foods and hot drinks while your implant is healing. Remember to eat “LSC” foods, which are ideal for for healing from implant surgery: LSC foods are:

  • Liquid
  • Soft
  • Cold

After your surgery site is healed, you should be able to go back to your regular diet.

Long-Term Aftercare

Once your implants are fully fused with your jawbone and you have received your abutments and final dental restorations, your implants and implant-supported restorations can be cared for just like your natural teeth. Be sure to schedule biannual dental exams with Dr. Whiteman so that he can evaluate the stability of your implants and identify issues early on. With proper care and regular dental visits, dental implants can last for many decades or even a lifetime.

Learn More about Dental Implant Aftercare

Dental implants can lead to enhanced comfort, easier eating, and smoother speech. With proper maintenance, dental implants are a smile solution that can last a lifetime. Call (617) 731-4746 or message us online for a consultation to see if you qualify for dental implant surgery.

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